Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


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Ethiopian cuisine is defined by the use of aromatic spice and herbs to create distinctive flavours and rich aromas. We blend these ingredients according to recipes that have been influenced over the centuries by the movement of sought-after spices along international trade routes, with Ethiopia strategically situated between the East and West.

Our talented Ethiopian chefs offer a wide range of non-vegetarian, vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

Whether you prefer subtle, aromatic flavours, or can appreciate the effects of mild chilli on the palate, Ethiopian cuisine offers a wide choice. And while we offer a range of meat dishes, we also cater fully to vegetarians and vegans with dishes that are robust and flavourful. And our food is gluten-free.

Beyond our wide selection of Ethiopian dishes, we also serve home-roasted Ethiopian coffee, which can be enjoyed as part of a traditional ceremony or a single serving, providing even more insight into the ancient culture of the Ethiopian highlands.